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Vitalizer Gold Beauty Set

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1) Dissolution, Remove stains. 
2) Restore skin brighten. 
3) Reduce Melanin. 
4) Improve Hydration and Collagen, Stabilize Elasticity, Keep Young. 
  1. After Make Up Remove, Cleansing Face. Apply SA Cream on face and leave it 5-8 minutes, and add water, massage lightly in circular motion. Then rinse off water.
  2. Extraction and Reduce Redness.
  3. Mix VC and WL Serum or Toner and apply over the face, and leave it 3 minutes. After it, add on WL Serum with Ultrasound or Cold Machine evenly over face and neck. 
  4. Apply Whitening & Firming Aroma Essential Oil after Cold Machine, and facial massage.
  5. After Facial Massage, mix up 35gm of Soft Mask with 30ml of water or toner, stir until even mixture is obtained.
  6. Apply layer of soft mask on face and leave it for 15 - 20 minutes. After soft mask rubberize. Then, pull it out gently.
  7. Lastly, apply toner, moisturizing and sunblock.